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In order to achieve the objectives it has set itself, the Academie relies on principles and values that are embodied in all of its actions:


Free programs

All the actions carried out in favour of the beneficiaries of the Académie are entirely free of charge for them. The aim is to break any financial barrier that could limit access to musical training for children, or professional support for young artists. In practical terms, this translates for the Young Apprentices as the loaning of instruments and scores, invitations to cultural outings, and entirely free courses.  The Young Talents benefit for their part from free masterclasses with great artists, professional training sessions and many opportunities for paid concerts. The Academy also offers many free events open to all, so that it can benefit as many people as possible.



The Académie is keen to promote encounters, to develop numerous partnerships and collaborations, both on a human and artistic level. Creating links between beneficiaries, building bridges with cultural or socio-educational actors, implementing artistic projects that encourage new collaborations, such is the way the Academie’s team approaches its mission.



The Academy advocates excellence for both Young Talents and Young Apprentices. This requirement reflects the teachers’ confidence in their students, in their ability to progress and surpass themselves. The Académie’s team is just as demanding with itself. It regularly questions its actions to improve their scope and to better meet the needs of its beneficiaries and to reach out to more and more of them.