Conditions of admission

Young Apprentices (7-12 years old)

  • To be between 7 and 12 years old and willing to learn to play the violin, the piano or cello,
  • To be part of a family culturally and/or financially distant from classical music,
  • Fully adhering to the educational project of the Académie,
  • Being affectively and effectively autonomous matters,
  • If no musical skills are necessary, being motivated is!
  • On entering the Académie, each child’s family must pay a €15 annual membership fee per child.

Young Talents – 18-30 years old

  • To be a musician aged between 18 and 30 years old and to be a singer, violinist, cellist or pianist
  • To be pre-professional – from conservatory or parallel high standard musical institutions,
  • To adhere to the Académie’s project and its values,
  • To be particularly driven by having a professional career in the classical music field,
  • On entering the Académie each candidate shall pay a 50€ annual membership fee.
Application Form : Spring

Each candidate must complete an online application form outlining the child’s motivation and his or her family’s situation.

Personal interview: May-June

Once the application form is sent and has received a positive answer from the team at the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky, an interview with the child and his or her parents is essential.

Thus, the Académie’s team meets each child with their parents to learn more about their family and to clarify the child’s motivations in joining the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky.

Discovery half-day: June

If the child receives a positive response at the end of their interview, they are invited with their family to participate in a discovery half-day at La Seine Musicale.

This half-day is an opportunity for the children and their parents to meet our teachers and to discover different instruments. It enables the Académie’s team to observe the child’s motivation, his or her autonomy and their capacity for social interaction.

Beginning of the adventure: September

The Académie organises the opening of the season at La Seine Musicale; an evening in the presence of Academicians, partners, media and teachers.

It marks the beginning of the adventure for the new Young Talents and Young Apprentices joining the Académie. It the moment at which the Young Apprentices receive their instruments and meet their Young Talents’ mentors.

Application form: First term

Each candidate must complete an online application form outlining their detailed resumé, their motivations and send music recordings.

Pre-selection based on application form: Spring

The artistic team reads each application form carefully and selects the candidates for the auditions.

Auditions: Spring

Once the application file is sent and has received a positive answer from the team at the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky, the musician auditions. The candidate presents two pieces of his choice and then has an interview with the jury.

The opening of the season: September

This is when the adventure begins for all of our Academicians! The “Young Talents” are taught in the first masterclass week which ends with their performing in a concert.

Admissions are closed