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President and founder of the Académie

Philippe Jaroussky is a countertenor who has reached a pre-eminent place in the international musical landscape.

At the age of 38, he embarked on this “vertiginous” adventure which has since enabled him to launch new talents and, above all, to share his passion with young musicians-to-be.


« My parents were not musicians. It was not until I went to Sartrouville middle school, in the Paris suburbs, that a music teacher advised me to play an instrument. I was 11 years old and I chose the violin. Unfortunately, I started a little too late to become a really good violinist. I completed my musical training with the piano at the age of 15, with the idea of  moving towards more theoretical studies (musical composition and conducting).  It was only at the age of 18 that I randomly discovered my countertenor voice which allowed me to make my passion my profession and to sing on stages all over the world. However, without the intervention of my teacher, who detected my talent, and without my parents’ unconditional support, I would never have become an artist. Singing has been for me a true opportunity to blossom in my adult life…

Philippe Jaroussky
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…That is why, after twenty years of career I felt a great urge to give to others the opportunity I myself was given. When you are not from a musical background it is quite hard to encourage a 6-year-old-child to start playing an instrument.  As  a result, a  host of talents  are never discovered. Sports Education Programmes do exist, but the very same skills can be developed by practicing an instrument. It is a very valuable experience for a child even if they do not become a musician later on.

I have been thinking a lot about my work, and what I wish to pass on to young professional artists is the will to remain true to themselves.

As singing is a very introspective pursuit, you learn to know yourself,   to be true to your emotions and in the way you convey them to an audience. We are living in a very virtual world and what we need is something concrete, alive, and human.

This Académie is a marvellous adventure for me. I am so glad that the Académie is developing within La Seine Musicale with all the stimulating and brand-new facilities it offers to young musicians. »