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“The Young Apprentices programme is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12 who wish to learn to play an instrument in an environment adapted to their development and offers classical music training completely free of charge.”

A social integration

Musical performance is a vector of social integration and allows the acquisition of many skills. But learning to play an instrument and accessing the world of classical music often remains complicated for families who are culturally or financially distanced from it. Aware of these obstacles, and keen to develop social diversity in the concert hall and on stage, Philippe Jaroussky thus imagined the “Young Apprentices” programme.

The main purpose of this program is to accompany children who are distanced from instrumental performing towards this discipline, and, more generally, to discover classical music. It aim,s in the long term, to aid the emergence of new young talents, but above all for the personal fulfillment of each child, and the development of their skills and self-esteem. Today, nearly 75 “Young Apprentices”, girls and boys, visit the Académie Jaroussky twice a week to learn the cello, the violin or the piano for free.

A complete support

During their three years at the Académie, each child’s investment, perseverance and progress are valued in order to give them confidence and the desire to pursue their learning. An essential part of the programme is to establish a caring environment that is conducive to development. Parents also have a central role. They are regularly solicited during exchanges with the teaching team and are also involved at every important step: choice of an instrument, concerts, progress reports, etc.

Depending on the situation, the Académie gets in touch with the social actors in the community to accompany the child more specifically with any difficulties encountered in their different spheres of life (school, family, etc.).

Life at the Académie
Musicale Philippe Jaroussky


Before starting at the Académie, the student discovers and tries out the instruments taught (violin, cello and piano). On the day of the season launch, they are officially given the chosen instrument, which is lent to them free of charge for the duration of the course.


Classes take place twice a week and last one hour, enabling the child to learn at a faster pace. The children attend their lessons in pairs to foster exchanges and friendships, to work on mutual listening and to encourage right from the beginning the idea of collective musical performance in parallel with individual playing.


The teaching mixes instrumental practice and musical training. Thus, alongside their teachers, the children study musical language and theory in direct connection with the learning of their instrument.


Performing on stage is part of an artist’s life, so you might as well prepare for it as soon as possible! Students participate in several public concerts to learn to manage any nerves and discover the pleasure of being on stage!


Concerts, cultural visits, meeting with artists… The Académie offers “Young Apprentices” and their families the opportunity to take part in cultural events throughout their training, in order to give them a taste for cultural and artistic discoveries.


The link between Academicians is ensured by the mentoring of the “Young Apprentices” by the “Young Talents”, which helps the younger ones to identify with their elders, and allows the latter to transmit their passion for music.

Recruitment of Young Apprentices

Application form: Spring

Each candidate must complete an application form online, outlining the child’s motivation and his or her family’s situation. Applications for this year are closed: admissions.

Personal interview: June

Once the application form is sent and has received a positive answer from the team at the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky, an interview with the child and his or her parents is essential.

Thus, the Académie’s team meets each child with their parents to learn more about their family and to clarify the child’s motivations in joining the Académie Musicale Philippe Jaroussky.

Discovery half-day: June-July

If the child receives a favorable response at the end of their interview, they are invited with their family to participate in a discovery half-day at La Seine Musicale.

This half-day is an opportunity for the children and their parents to meet our teachers and to discover different instruments. It enables the Académie’s team to observe the child’s motivation, his or her autonomy and their capacity for social interaction.

Beginning of the adventure: September

The Académie organises the opening of the season at La Seine Musicale; an evening in the presence of Academicians, partners, media and teachers.

It marks the beginning of the adventure for the new Young Talents and Young Apprentices joining the Académie. It is the moment for the Young Apprentices to receive their instruments and meet their Young Talents’ mentors.