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The Académie’s pedagogical approach is based on a challenging and innovative teaching of classical music which enhances collective spirit, learning enjoyment and perseverance in an environment where kindness rules.


Developing a trust-based relationship


For enjoyment to be at the heart of the learning process, trust and kindness are essential.
Each Young Apprentice is supported individually by their teachers and the team at the Académie. The latter work hand in hand with the Young Apprentices’ families, who are highly involved in the project. Therefore, the child is taken into account in a holistic way and with kindness. As a result, he or she is enabled to blossom and to feel secure, especially when they face issues elsewhere (at school, at home…).

Likewise, the pedagogical team provides the Young Talents with steady training, through a series of masterclass sessions and they are accompanied by the staff every step of the way, in a spirit of understanding and non-competition.

The one-to-one mentorship between Young Talents and Young Apprentices also enhances mutual assistance between generations and develops a sense of belonging to their common project. On one hand, it allows children to identify themselves with another role model. On the other hand, it enables young artists to realise that the transmission of knowledge matters, thereby building up skills that will prove to be essential in their career.


Alternating individual and collective work


The Académie enhances both individual and collective musical performance.

After their daily individual lessons, the Young Talents take part in masterclass sessions where they play chamber music in order to rehearse for concerts where ensembles are always given pride of place. Thanks to both music festivals and the Académie’s cultural partners, they are also made to work together on common artistic programmes throughout the year.

As for the Young Apprentices, they have their lessons in pairs in order to get a taste for the pleasure of playing together and to develop their mutual listening from the outset. They also have the opportunity to play in duets or in small ensembles for their concerts.


Combining enjoyment and high standards to teach the rewards of perseverance


Within the benevolent framework organised at the Académie, our teachers expect their students to give their very best. The weekly two hour lessons offered to our Young Apprentices enable them to improve quickly and to enjoy a sense of achievement that encourages them to persevere. As for the Young Talents they are selected according to their musical and technical performances. The requirement level remains very high throughout their experience at the Académie thanks to the teachers’ advice and encouragements as well as the collective emulation of their peers.


Increasing the number of public performances


One of the main pedagogical elements of the Académie is to perform as often as possible in order to deal with one’s nerves by regularly facing an audience. Thus, from the first year to their last year at the Académie the Young Apprentices perform at least twice a year in front of their families. The Young Talents’ year is punctuated by public masterclasses and concerts at La Seine Musicale, alongside concerts organised by our many artistic partners.


Teacher training


The teaching staff agrees with the Académie’s values and methodological approaches. Our teachers, and particularly the Young Apprentices’ teachers are made aware of the profile of their students and are able to provide every single one of them with specific attention.

These pedagogical principles are the same for all the activities undertaken by the Académie in its various programmes.